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Paying the Troll Toll

Last summer I took a risk and signed up for a ten miler (called the Tenacious Ten) in Seattle for April, 2018. Sponsored by my team/the run company Oiselle, I thought it might be a nice excuse to travel to an area I had shockingly never been to before.

When I told J the news that we were going to Seattle in the spring to watch me race, he informed me that he found spectating races far worse than running them (already a low bar for him) so if he absolutely had to come with me, he would need to be signed up for the race. Done and done before he could finish the thought. 

My friend and teammate Kate and her husband were signed up for the race as well, so it seemed like a good opportunity for a joint trip to the other coast.

Now, as you've figured out unless this is the first time you're reading anything on this blog, by the time the race came around I couldn't actually run. 😬 oops. So now I'd dragged J 3,000 miles so I could watch him run. Oh, the irony. 
I've alway…

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